Antiseptic Hand Gel

Antiseptic Hand Gel

Antiseptic hand gel with very high ethyl alcohol content of 80% v/v, ideal for the immediate disinfection and protection of hands, without need of water, soap or rinse-off.  

Formula is developed according to recommended formulation I by World Health Organization (WHO). 

It is immediately absorbed without leaving any greasy feeling, while it leaves skin feeling smooth, without dryness.


Antiseptic action:

Very high ethyl alcohol content of 80% v/v ensures effective disinfection and protection of hands.


Feeling of softness:

Enriched with Glycerin and Panthenol, ingredients of moisturizing action that care for skin and with specialized thickening agent of new technology that provides unique feeling of smoothness after each use, without affecting product’s biocidal action.


Apply enough product (at least 30ml) on dry hands and rub gently for 30 seconds.

Skin should remain wet during application.

Do not rinse off after use.


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