Research & Development

Research and Development

Pharmasept's research and development department invests in continuous and long-term research for the development of high-performance dermocosmetic products, but also for the improvement of existing products.

We focus on innovative dermocosmetic design technologies that respect the skin’s normal function, strengthen the protective barrier, do not cause dryness and irritation and at the same time contribute to the prevention and treatment of dermatological problems caused by internal and external factors.

In our company, the design of new innovative compositions is based on the selection of ingredients that are safe for the skin, originate from plants and do not contain irritants such as sulfates, silicones, propylene glycols, isothiazolinones, parabens, mineral oil and petroleum products, ethanolamines and ethanolamines.

At Pharmasept our goal is to design and manufacture personal care  and  everyday hygiene products, that can be used by even the most sensitive and hypersensitive skins. All our products are hypoallergenic, dermatological and ophthalmologically tested under strict clinical trial protocols.

We are constantly searching for new ingredients that can help us in the development of specialized skincare systems. Our research focuses on the latest generation of surfactants and cleaning agents, which do not cause irritations, are of organic and plant origin, and are biodegradable, with excellent toxicological profiles.

Pharmasept’s patented deodorizing system has been developed and applied in order to offer 24-hour cleanliness, preventing the growth of microorganisms, while it soothes and provides mild antiseptic action.

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